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Newport’s Back with MOR

by Thuy Le on August 20, 2018 , No comments

And they’re off!

Today is the first day of the Wise Ways Commuter Challenge. For two weeks, participating Newport Beach Civic Center employees will begin their commute each morning and afternoon using sustainable transportation. The goal is to save the most carbon dioxide emissions by using eco-friendly modes of transport. This is our third collaboration with Jennifer Mulvey and Leilani Brown, two top administrative professionals for Newport Beach Civic Center with a commitment to a greener future through sustainable practices. We began working with them in 2016 with only two sponsors. In our third collab, we happily feature sponsorships from Wahoo’s, Panda Express, Five Guys, Le Pain, and others! 

My Open Road’s vision for commuter challenges is to get the whole community involved. Participating in the challenge is an everyday act of defiance against Global Warming. With communities across the nation joining in, we can make a big difference in our overall carbon footprint- which is bigger than most other countries. We can learn good eco-friendly practices and pass this knowledge down to our children so that they may adopt and expand on these. 

Commuter Challenges are also a good way of breaking out of daily habits. We often assume that driving our cars is the best way of getting to and from work. It takes a disruption in our routine to realize that there is a simpler, more effective way of going about things. Wise Ways Commuter Challenge is one example of a disruption in employees commuting habits; One that’s enjoyable and rewarding. People explore other commuting possibilities all while working towards cash prizes. 

Gather your friends, family, community, or co-workers and start your own commuter challenge. Reach out to us for more details! 

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