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The Wise Ways of Newport Beach

by Thuy Le on September 8, 2017 , No comments



Our company’s mission is to reduce our collective carbon footprint for a greener, healthier environment now and for future generations. So when we see the potential to do that while rewarding people for their efforts, we jump on the opportunity! The versatile nature of our platform allowed us to create new ways for us to get more people to use sustainable transportation. We've partnered up with businesses and municipalities to help them meet their goal of reducing their indirect carbon emissions from employees commutes through competitions and rewards.  

wise ways (2)

This new focus has given us the absolute pleasure of working with the City of Newport Beach for a commute reduction challenge! Our presentation of the Wise Ways Challenge was received with tremendous support from employees during a Lunch and Learn. We received thoughtful questions from employees eager to know how they can participate after they learned the positive impact they can make. We won’t know until the start of the competition in early October, but we’re predicting a great turn out for Newport!!


The city has sponsored prizes for the top three people who save the most pounds of carbon dioxide emissions by using any of the qualifying modes of sustainable transportation. We firmly believe that people should be rewarded for great work, so we asked our partners to provide a few prizes to award those participants who save the most carbon dioxide emissions in a particular mode. We are excited for the start of the competition! We'll be sure to post more as the challenge progresses!

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