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How does MOR Work?

Small changes - BIG rewadrs

  • MOR's patent-pending mobile technology can detect a wide variety of transportation mechanisms that a user might take to get from point A to point B. The technology uses different “modes” of travel to identify when a user is driving a car, car pooling, commuting, traveling by rail, biking, or just walking. Each mode of travel is assigned a “Social Responsibility Score” based on its energy efficiency (illustrated below). The technology is unique in that it ties saving energy into a positive reinforcement rewards based marketing system.

  • Its a Game!


    MOR achieves gamification by assigning a “Social Responsibility Score” to each mode of travel based on its energy efficiency. The more energy efficient the choice of travel, the higher his or her Social Responsibility Score will be. But, it's not just about making good choices. Users also need to stay consistently active. Therefore, each score is based on daily travel choices, so the app will begin to lower a user's score daily if he or she becomes inactive.