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My Open Road is a Commuter Challenge provider. Through a FREE mobile app, a detailed dashboard and marketing services, MOR runs challenges for organizations to encourage the usage of active/alternative transportation. Participants have fun, are rewarded and see how changes in behavior have a real impact on their quality of life and on the environment.

Why should we use My Open Road ?


1.Enhance your sustainability programs 

2. Automated CO2 savings data collections

3. View alternative transportation utilization on out web based dashboard

4. Encourage higher participation in Employee Commute Reduction Program

How we help our school:

1. Increase alternative transportation: our app encourages student to socially compete to save energy.

2. Reward students for saving energy: working with local businesses, we create a local eco reward system that keeps students actively engaged in their energy conservation efforts.

3. Creating jobs for students: We create jobs in marketing and sales, and train students as brand ambassadors, and in team leadership.

MOR is a complete platform for sustainable transportation

1. Rewards based app for encouraging the use of alternative transportation.

2. Integrated carpool and rideshare matching functions, no need for separate apps and everything remains on one secure network.

3. Monitor and optimize alternative transportation usage.

4. Automated Employee Commute Reduction Program (ECRP) Reporting saving hundreds of hours from manual surveys.